Hattiesburg Beach News – A Local Tragic Explosion And A West Nile Virus Update

Do you live in Hattiesburg Beach, Mississippi? If you do, then you know some of the news that is going on in the city. Perhaps you are instead looking up news because you will be traveling there or are just curious. You know that there are always headlines out there, so let’s see what’s going on in the city of Hattiesburg Beach, Mississippi.

Not all of the news of course is going to be local. There will be talk of statewide stories and even national stories. But let’s look at what is actually going on in the area. On a news site for the city of Hattiesburg Beach, you do see those stories from outside the local area. Then you see local stories, and I don’t see any good ones in the recent headlines. By good, I mean not sad or tragic.

The main story at the very top is about an explosion. The explosion happened in a trailer and involved a propane tank. It killed three people, and it injured two other people. There was one of the family members that was out in the yard that wasn’t hurt. According to the news source, the family member in the yard was a ten year old boy and the two that survived but were injured were a young girl and a 20 year old woman.

At the time, they hadn’t released the names of the deceased. That was a very unfortunate and tragic accident. One of the news stories I saw also cautioned people about the West Nile Virus. There have been three cases in Mississippi this year so far, and there have been cases in other states as well. That’s all for this round of Hattiesburg Beach news, but you know there is always more to come.